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Effanbee Dolls

Brenda Starr, Patsy and other dolls from this long standing American doll company.


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Effanbee Dolls
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All About Effanbee Dolls

We love Effanbee dolls here at Katherine's Cottage, and we are thrilled that this iconic American company is now in the capable hands of the Tonner Doll Company. 

Effanbee has been making dolls for over 80 years! One of Effanbee's great success stories was the Patsy doll designed by Bernard Lipfert and first advertised in 1928.  Patsy was a composition doll,  and so popular that her family grew to include Patsyettes, Patsy Anns, Skippys and others.  

Since the 1940s, the company has changed hands several times, and in 2002, the Tonner Doll Company acquired Effanbee from bankruptcy and totally revitalized the company and the line of dolls 

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of Effanbee Dolls at Katherine's Cottage, including Patsy, Patsy Ann, Brenda Starr and many other Effanbee favorites.


Effanbee Dolls

Effanbee Dolls

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This Month's Picks

Patsy In Wonderland: Could this Patsy be more adorable? Perfectly dressed as Alice in Wonderland, and with her own White Rabbit, too.  Only $69.99 on sale!

Bedside Brenda Starr: This is a very special Brenda Starr fashion doll, dressed in a classic Nurse's outfit.  Even better, she is Only $95.99 on sale!

Patsy In Wonderland


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